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Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Week's Reading Log Responses

On the back of each week's reading log, there is a Meta-Response prompt. The meta-response lets students write about what they are thinking as they read. The top response(s) of this week are copied below:

When I was reading: "TheTiger Rising I made a text to world connection." I thought about  "two boys named, Norton and Billy, said [that] Rob has a disesase called leprosy. At book club I learned that leprosy makes you live on a island so no one could catch the disease."

When I was reading: National Geographic, I thought about "how crazy she is about zoo animals and how I love zoo animals alot. I like all of the animals, especially the lions. They are so cute!"

Keep it up!
Mr. Rabinowitz


  1. Thats really good responses

  2. those are really good responses!!