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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This week

Wednesday- students must score 100% on energy open notes final exam to begin construction on their solar oven. We need extra pizza boxes!

Thursday - bike trip to bluff lake. We will leave after lunch and return at the end of the day. Is your bike ready? Do you have a helmet. Contact a teacher if you need to make special arrangements. 

Friday- last book buddies 

Open house for parents to stop by after school next week and ask question and go over summer goals.

Monday, May 20, 2013




Please remind your child to bring a sack lunch! We are headed to Adams Mystery Playhouse tomorrow for the entire day.


Tomorrow there is also a one day only- buy one get one free book fair. Do not forget to stock up before the summer, Book it to the Creek here we come!


If you're interested in being a chaperone please be at school no later than 10 AM and email us to let us know you're coming. Bring a sack lunch for yourself as well.



What makes yours spin? How can you change the speeds?

Monday, May 13, 2013


Tuesday's brain pop video is about fossil fuels. After you present information about fossil fuels, you will learn about other non renewable and renewable energy forms. Which energy form(s) is the best for your community?

What else do you want want to know energy?

Don't forget our last book club! When was your favorite session? I cannot wait to share our reading extension!

This week is the spelling bee. 4th graders will compete against 5th graders this Thursday at 2:00. Grades 1-3 will compete earlier in the day in a class vs class competition. 

Mr. Rabinowitz

Monday, May 6, 2013

Energized Experiment


New unit on energy: Literacy and science combined

"We rely on energy daily to make things in our lives work. This

unit help us understand how energy works and how we can use

energy efficiently. We will read about a boy, Walter, who learns

the importance of caring for the enrvironment."   We read JUST A DREAM by Chris Van Allsburg

Energized Links

Research Environmental Websites


If you come across anymore ENERGY related links please post them below!