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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last week in November

Long time, no post!

This week we have started our CSAP (soon to be named TCAP) test prep unit. We are reviewing strategies for answering multiple choice questions and constructed responses. In addition, we are writing to prompts and reviewing rubrics to assess and improve our writing.

On Wednesday, students had Book Club meeting number 4. Remember book club notebooks are due each Tuesday of the week.

In poetry, we practiced "multiple readings for multiple meanings". First we use the five finger overview. Next we read for enjoyment. Then we read for deeper meaning and understanding.

Spelling Test and Reading Logs on Friday. Lets get  100%

Did you read your Thanksgiving Poem to your family? What was their reaction?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Have a safe and relaxing break. We will start a new unit when we return. This week we had book club and celebrate our feature articles. Please check your child's book club notebook which is due on Tuesday.

gobble gobble

Mr. Rabinowitz

Thursday, November 17, 2011



We have several cases of lice at school in the last few weeks. Here is some information about lice and how to treat it. Please check your kids tonight!

Here is what we know about lice:

• Lice like clean hair, not dirty hair

• They like to hang out at the base of the neck and behind the ears

• You will rarely see the actual bug; you will see the nits (eggs). They are white and stick to the hair shaft, so sometimes they look like dandruff. If you blow on dandruff it will dislodge from the hair shaft, a nit will stay put. You need a nit comb or fingernail to scrap it off.

What can parents do?

• Check your kids hair

• Remind kids not to share hats, hoodies, combs/brushes, or hair accessories

My kid has lice, now what?

• According to the experts ‘natural’ and ‘homemade’ remedies just don’t work. Get a lice specific shampoo from the grocery/drug store and use it in conjunction with a nit comb. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor for suggestions.

• Wash and dry (for at least 30 minutes) all bedding, stuffed animals, and pillows

• Watch this video for a detailed description of lice and how to remove. Go to for more suggestions and pictures.

Denver Public School‘s policy is that it is recommended to use the shampoo before having your child return to school.



IT’S TIME FOR WINTER CAMP AT THE Mizel Museum during Winter Break!

Winter Lights, Winter Sparks {December 19-23, 2011}

Join Artist-in-Residence and professional puppeteer and performing artist, Betsy Tobin on an unforgettable journey that includes mixed media art, photography, storytelling, shadow theatre and service projects. This camp is a celebration of worldwide festivals that light up the dark days of winter and the unique spark of young people.

Grades 1-6
9am-3pm. For more information call: Jan Nadav 303-749-5015 or see:

Scholarships available.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No School

No School on Thursday and Friday
Spend your time reading your book club book and working on your final copy of your feature article.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This week we are editing our Feature Articles. Students traveled to the computer lab to print out pictures to use as text features. In addition, students looked at types of text structure. All non-fiction text is organized by its structure. Identifying text structure will allow one to focus on the ideas of the text. Examples of text structure include: sequence, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and description. All types of text have 'signal words' that reveal the type of structure.

Spelling will resume next week.
Reading Logs are due this Wednesday.
Book Club will start on Wednesday. A family letter was sent home on Monday explaining the purpose and expectations of Book Club.

In case you didn't know, NO school on Thursday and Friday

Happy Trails,
Mr. Rabinowitz

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Students go outside every day for recess. Please make sure that they are dressed appropriately to be outside for up to 25 minutes at a time. We are all aware of how fast the weather in Colorado can change so it would be great if students always have access to a hat, pair of gloves and boots in their backpack. The sun is also very intense in Colorado; please make sure your student has sunscreen applied before coming to school. We check the temperature/ wind chill and generally will go out if students won’t get wet or it is 15 degrees or higher. We ask that all students create an inside recess bag. Please place items a child can play with in a gallon bag in case we need to keep them in at recess time. Items such as puzzles, games, books, small toys (that don’t leave their hand) are all good items. Please no expensive electronic devices.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey all,

Attached is the yearbook order form for this year. It is easier, and greener, if they can fill it out and order online. However, if you need to print it and send it home, please do .

Our first yearbook is now ready to order! This full-color book will showcase ECE-5th grade students, staff, events and activities from the 2011-2012 school year, plus student artwork. Yearbooks will be sold at the discounted price of $20 until January 5th, 2012. Orders placed after January 5th will be $25.

To order online go to (There is a $2 service fee for online orders.)

If you have questions, contact Kathy Epperson at

I am also working with the 5th graders to put the book together in school, so email me with any questions.

Please,please, please upload any pictures you get to the snapfish site you saw last week so we can start putting the book together after fall break!


Alicia FaJohn

Dinner Date

Tired of cooking, not sure what to have for dinner, well the PTA has it covered for at least two evenings this month and next. Please mark your calendars for November 16th dinner at Chipotle and December 15th at Root Down. If you haven’t been to Root Down this is a fabulous opportunity to try some of the yummiest food in Denver! Both restaurants will be giving a generous proportion back to the school