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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Week #1

Good Afternoon fourth graders and fourth grade families,
This week we started reading workshop and writing workshop. Students took a Unit 1 pre-assessment, spelling assessment, created self-portraits, and practiced many our daily routines. Their homework is to write down the following word on their planners: RUHBARB. In writing, we are working on our animal masks, which should be complete by Friday. The mask will be up by Back-To-School-Night.

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Many Thanks,
Mr. Rabinowitz


  1. I like your blog. Can I turn in my homework here?

    From: Sara M.

  2. Great to be on the blog! When is Back to School Night exactly?
    -Nisha C.

  3. super blog!! will you let us know when the next note is out?
    -acadia f.

  4. What a great blog. Caroline tried to be a follower but it blocked her since she is not 13 years old. Any idea if we can fix that?

    Kristen Spaeth